20 years of experience

Istanbul serves woven women's apparel production with over 100 employees at the Cağlayan. Founded in 1996, Pika, made up of production in the domestic market in 1999, started exporting after 1999. On women's denim apparel exports, mainly engaged in Germany. In producing the quality of the leading luxury brands in Europe comes to the fore. Collections made at the request of the customers, the quantity being produced superior quality and after-sales set is packaged and shipped in accordance with the customer's request.

Pika garments, always gives the finished product price to the buyer. This means we can provide all kinds of fabrics and accessories.


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Pika, without compromising the quality of the products produced in the world, one of the top brand companies .Escada (GERMANY), Oska (GERMANY),L.K.Bennet(ENGLAND), Sonia Rykiel (FRANCE), Black Gold Diesel (İTALY) , Réne Lazard (GERMANY), Acne(SWEDEN), Bogner (GERMANY),Armani ( ITALY).

And also Pika used to work with worldwide top brand companies such as Versace, Riani, Laurel, Strenesse, Joop, Newman, Lindeberg, Mc quinn, Conleys etc…

Pika is above a certain level in procurement abroad. Can credit the whole of Europe as a return to years of foreign trade so much easier to be performed lightings.



always for the better

The model House is the starting point of production to the PiKA. Current fashion in accordance with the current fabric quality carefully selected fabrics from the wishes of customers started to the creation of the appropriate model is in place. Dreams come true here turns slowly, brought to light. Each model will continue to be developed until it reaches the perfect pattern and are combined with matching accessories. Finally perfects produced models with the perfect mold as the samples are sent to the our customers for their option.


talented brains

The moulding step ,It is important to master phase of PIKA. If you need to find the correct posture in the mould at this stage many times samples are sewn and finally reached the perfect pattern. And also at this stage, both using Assyst moulds computer environment, Lectra is changed on the improved to end . Also if these two want to program or from customers using both can send the mold base abroad and these are handled by opened by us and use for our customers.


talented hands

How quality is in the details . in the details and in the products produced by the de Pika, the details are in the foreground. These details are primarily on labor, although at first the difference is from the eye can see. For example, to use the network arch off techniques used sleeve seam, curved arches, like the back of work for many different cups. On the other hand, if the product details seen prints, embroideries, hand jobs, bonding swarovski stones, metal/glass beads, there may be pressure and also We provide best services with the most difficult any kind of hand-made labour.


talented hearts

Spinning factory started its journey will continue fabric fibers in Pikas. To be certain of the sales quntites are ordered immediately after the fabrics before the slaughtering of income. Slaughterhouse if carefully allocated fabrics first proficiency test of the pass. In the case of transactions in the desired quality of fabrics is continued. Samples taken from each roll front related models of manufacturing samples produced and the last State of the fabric from one more time for production is tested. At the end of the last check made for the production of the cutting process begins.


fast, faster

Now sew the fabrics into ready feature fabric particles are in. After this stage, ready to wear quality craftsmanship you'll start to see the difference. Carefully sew the prepared pieces and model according to the requirements of the embroidery, hand job, or they're going to see the cross-planting operations, such as printing accordingly and made the right pieces of embroidery, printing or processing and then continue to sew. Planting after washing and ironing package passed on to the process.

The last step is made and the product is ready for shipment and packaging as well.